All about my new free offering... #PlayfulMay for beginners.

Getting back to play as an adult. Feel the benefits and power of play for yourself with my guidance. Click image below to sign up for free :)

All activities are doable within 5 minutes. No special materials required so it’s super easy to fit them into your day and give yourself that little playful boost. 

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You’ve probably heard a bizzilion times the terms “work life balance”, “manage stress”, “mindfulness” etc etc. But what does it really mean? It sounds like another thing to do so you put it off. For whatever reasons it’s just not working. You want to de-stress and have a more positive outlook but you don’t know where to start. From my work as a play therapist with many children and parents I would say start with play. Play is our innate drive and the number one way to learn. Play has so many physical and health benefits plus it’s often really fun and natural! 

However, it may be less natural to you now that you’re older. I’m here to help bring you back to the playful path and start feeling that zest for life (that we could all do with a little more). You might be lacking confidence or have forgotten how to play. With a lot of responsibilities and expectations daily life can seem very serious and well, draining. We often feel like we need permission to play. Permission granted. It’s good for every aspect of your life. Wellbeing, health, relationships and yes even productivity.

Each day I will be sending you playful Short little nuggets with play-spiration! I’ll be giving you a simple, easy playful activity that can be done in 5 mins or less. No special materials required!

Over the 10 days of structured play we’ll be re-discovering what it means to play and experiencing the powerful benefits.

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Why are we doing this? 


So many times, colleagues, friends and clients are seeking more play but giving themselves a thousand excuses not to. I’m doing this to give a bit of hand holding to those that want to experience their daily life differently but want to leverage their time and effort to reap best results with little time. This is definitely for you if you’ve tried but ultimately resist meditation, mindfulness, daily exercise and any other practice that you just can’t seem to find the time for. 

That was me. It’s funny how you get drawn to teach what you need to learn most. I started my play therapist training as a complete overwhelmed, over worked, people pleasing , exhausted mess. I experienced the amazing benefits of play first hand and with my clients. I felt I had an awakening. I really want to share that with as many people as possible. I truly believe that the more playful we are, the happier, healthier, more self aware, kind and fun world we would live in. In a nutshell, I’m doing this because play mindset has changed lives (including my own) and I just want to share the play joy and have fun!