Group Play Therapy

Small groups of children with similar difficulties grow together through semi structured activities all within safe and warm environment provided by the therapist. The therapist is trained to give sensitive and effective support to children and allow for group dynamics to organically evolve leading to further healing opportunities. 

Groups are organised according to their common experiences or current issues. Individuals are also sensitively selected on other background factors such as age, gender and severity of difficulties.

A course of group Play Therapy is typically 6 weekly sessions that last 40 minutes and up (depending on the children's ages & needs). Play rooms are located in Central, Causeway Bay and Jordan.

Popular Play Therapy group focuses are:
- Coping with bereavement
- Dealing with divorce
- Managing anxiety
- Improving peer relationships
- Soothing post traumatic stress
- Witnessing domestic violence and abuse.
- Adjusting after relocation
- Accepting a new sibling in the family

Register an interest in one of these groups and we will keep you informed about availability. You can also request a group on another topic that is most pressing to your child.

 Find out about the latest groups currently running. Please submit an enquiry below. 

Group Therapy Enquiry Form/Waiting list

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Group theme you're interested in. E.g. Divorce, bereavement, anxiety, peer relationships, post traumatic stress, relocation, domestic abuse, new sibling
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All enquiry information will be treated as strictly confidential. We will never pass on your contact details to a third party unless we have your prior permission. Completing this form is only a sign of interest and there is no obligation from either party. Groups are subject to availability but a waiting list is provided.