- 3 Secrets to creating Contented children in your Classroom (2 hours) for teachers & school counsellors

- Using therapeutic yoga & play to reach children (3 hours) for parents, teachers, school counsellors

- Why won't you just listen? (3 hours) workshop for parents

- Using play to connect to your child (2 hours) for parents

At first, I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t see a connection between play and my child’s behaviour. Rachel helped me put myself in my child’s shoes. In such a short time I learnt some practical ideas to help me interact with my child. I feel we have only just touched the surface of such a deep topic and it’s so interesting..
— Alexander, parent of 2 boys, Workshop participant, Hong Kong Island


Workshop Series (All running for 6 weeks)

- Baby Bonding (newborns-6 months) 

                                  (7 months-12 months)

                                  (12 months- 24 months)

- Baby bonding for mothers to be (30 weeks +)

- Playful Parenting (for parents of young children & primary school aged children)


I was just telling my friend that this is the best thing I do each week! I always look forward to our group.
— New mother, HK


Custom Workshops for schools or corporate available on request. Please enquire on our Contact page.