Try this Easy peasy post-Christmas craft

First, a note from the last day of Christmas. 

There’s always something a little sad about the last day of Christmas isn’t there? I always seem to put off the taking down of decorations and packing up until the very last moment of the day. I hope you had a great Christmas filled with quality family time, comforting food, joy and cheer! Although, I am aware that for some of you it was not like that. Christmas and other family gatherings can act like a pressure cooker for relationships and old deep seated hurts and negative beliefs. Anyone for seconds of Christmas (why-do-you-keep-pushing-my-buttons) pudding? Anyone?!

The traditions and rituals we do during the Christmas period are so familiar and often what we look forward to most. Yet, they have the power to highlight the great changes in our lives. Such as, “He’s no longer here anymore”, “She always used to put the star on the tree”, “The family will never be the same again”, “We used to spend more time together”, and “Look how our family has grown.”. That’s some bittersweet leftovers my friends! And what do we do with these? Wine? No, wait. Must. Keep. New Year resolutions…

A thought came to me when I was doing a spot of recycling with my Christmas cards.  In true Play Therapy style, I was struck with a metaphor.

Inspired by my mother’s friend, I was not going to waste my Christmas cards! You don’t have to either. Cut off the front cover of the cards and cut into handy little gift labels for next year. Crafty, thrifty, a smidge sentimental and of course green!

Easy Christmas card craft

I think I enjoyed this just a bit too much. Why? To me, it’s about transforming the old and creating something new. Taking the best bits and paying it forward as part of a gift to someone else in the future. Some things stay with us and some things we let go. So many possible metaphors but they were just mine.  Perhaps something to try with some little helping hands? The only pre-requisites are Christmas cards and the ability to use scissors.

Here’s to 2015!

* Please note I will address why metaphor is so important in Play Therapy in a future post. Hold tight and keep warm!